Monday, March 14, 2011


Hey everyone. I'm sorry to hear about Grandma Johnson's passing, I'm gonna miss her a lot. I think what i'm going to miss the most is how happy she always was! I honestly can't remember Grandma Johnson without a smile on her face. It's times like these that help remind us how great of a blessing the plan of happiness really is! It's really comforting knowing that we'll all get to see her again.

Well..this week was pretty was spring break! Campus was a ghost town..and pretty was the church! haha..Literally every single one of our investigators was out of town. So this order to be effective..we had to be creative! NC State has something called the "free expression tunnel" where you can just go and paint whatever you want. Well..this tunnel gets a lot of traffic during school us, two other missionaries, and some singles took a couple of hours out of the day and went and painted an advertisement for on the side of the was pretty fun! =) It should be a good little surprise to everyone coming back from spring break! Now the only thing we've gotta worry about long it stays up there! We told all of the members that they're on guard duty to make sure it lasts at least a week! =) Well..hopefully this week will pick up a little bit! The zone is doing great! We went from 15 to 22 investigators with a baptismal date! So things are definitely picking up in that area! Well i love y'all and i hope y'all are doing great! Here are some pictures of the wall! Enjoy!

Elder J

Me golfing
Brother Brack's Reenlistment Ceremony
Free Expression Tunnel

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