Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Greetings from Garner, NC!!

I am now in Garner, which is pretty much south of Raleigh! It's pretty exciting to be here in the city and I'm excited for my new district! Except I have sisters in my district now and I've never been in charge of sisters..haha..yeah it's a little awkward..but they're amazing missionaries! But yeah..Garner is so amazing! My new companion is named Elder Tibbits, and I'm actually follow up training him! He's only been out for one transfer and he's pretty amazing! We've been working hard this past week and we are having a really great time together! He's from a very small town named's somewhere in Nevada near the Utah border..but yeah..I'm way excited for this transfer! We're going to see so many great things!

This past week we were able to teach a couple named Eddie and Jessica Hill. It was amazing to see how they had been prepared for our message and for our church, so we invited them to come to church and they came with both of their kids! They had a really great experience, the members were great with the fellowshipping and Eddie is going to be coming to the turkey bowl this Thursday! But yeah..there's a lot going on here in Garner and I'm excited to be a part of it!

Soo..I've been thinking about winning the lottery so that I can go to the BUY Jeruselem Center! =) haha..that would be SO amazing..just even for a transfer..but it would also be WAY expensive..even for just a transfer..haha.. Well I'm excited for this upcoming week and being able to work with the Hills and some other golden investigators!

Well I love/miss y'all! Hope y'all are doin well!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Soo..I've got some bad news..I'm getting transfered =( I'm kind've bummed about it kuz I've really grown to love this place so much! It was really hard to say goodbye to everyone yesterday, I'm gonna miss them! So other than that, this past week went okay..I got to go to the temple, which was pretty sweet! I really enjoyed that! I also got to go on an exchange with the Zone Leaders, and I ended up being with my trainer Elder Condie over in was so amazing seeing how much we've both grown since we split up! We taught one of the most spiritual lessons that we've ever taught together on that exchange! It was so awesome! Soo..I just found out that missionaries are gonna be allowed to play in turkey bowls, which is way exciting! =) The only bad news is that we aren't allowed to wear cleats =( so I am kinda bummed about that..but least I get to play football! =)

So..even though I'm getting transfered..I am kind've excited about meeting my new district! I get to be a district leader somewhere else, which means I get to work with a whole new set of missionaries, which will be way sweet! I'm looking forward to it!

Well I love y'all and hope y'all are doing great!

Elder Johnson

The Cavenaughs!
My Wallace district

Wallace Train Station
Hampstead Waterway

Sun Shot! (me & Elder Bentley)

Monday, November 9, 2009


Hey! How are y'all!? We had an amazing week and an amazing experience! It started at zone conference, where our mission president told us that there are dozens of people prepared to hear the gospel in EVERY SINGLE area. That really struck me because our teaching pool has been pretty bland lately..but Elder Kearsley and I knew that if we fasted and prayed for it, than the Lord would lead us to one of those whom He had prepared for we did so. We then scheduled an appointment to contact a media referral..out in the middle of we arrive to the appointment last night, and our appointment wasn't there..but then we saw her neighbor outside so we went over and talked to him. We got to talking and he allowed us to share a brief message with first, I didn't think too much about it..but as we prayed to start off the lesson, something told me that he was the answer to our prayers..and sure enough..we were right! I don't think I've ever seen anyone so prepared in my entire mission! We started off teaching the restoration, but we followed the Spirit and started talking about other things..and eventually he opened up to us and told us about a life changing experience involving his friend getting we were able to help him understand a little more about the purpose of life and he really enjoyed us! Then the more and more we talked to him, the more and more obvious it became that he was elect! He had been prepared by our Heavenly Father and we had been led to him as an answer to our prayers! At the end of the lesson, he was so in love with our message that he invited us to go and talk to some guys that don't know too much about GOD over at the fire station that he volunteered at..he also accepted a return appointment with great excitement for later on this week, so we'll get to invite him to church and hopefully to be baptised, which I know he will be because I know that he has truly been prepared to hear our message and is ready to accept the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that we were truly led there, whether we knew it at the time or not, because this place was out in the middle of no where and we never would have found him by our own efforts! This experience has truly strengthened my faith and my testimony and I'm excited to be out here on my mission where I get to have so many great experiences like that!

Well i miss y'all! I hope y'all are doin well! We get to go to the temple this Wednesday, then transfers are next Tuesday. Please pray I don't get transfered! I love it here..haha!

Love y'all!