Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Greetings from Garner, NC!!

I am now in Garner, which is pretty much south of Raleigh! It's pretty exciting to be here in the city and I'm excited for my new district! Except I have sisters in my district now and I've never been in charge of sisters..haha..yeah it's a little awkward..but they're amazing missionaries! But yeah..Garner is so amazing! My new companion is named Elder Tibbits, and I'm actually follow up training him! He's only been out for one transfer and he's pretty amazing! We've been working hard this past week and we are having a really great time together! He's from a very small town named's somewhere in Nevada near the Utah border..but yeah..I'm way excited for this transfer! We're going to see so many great things!

This past week we were able to teach a couple named Eddie and Jessica Hill. It was amazing to see how they had been prepared for our message and for our church, so we invited them to come to church and they came with both of their kids! They had a really great experience, the members were great with the fellowshipping and Eddie is going to be coming to the turkey bowl this Thursday! But yeah..there's a lot going on here in Garner and I'm excited to be a part of it!

Soo..I've been thinking about winning the lottery so that I can go to the BUY Jeruselem Center! =) haha..that would be SO amazing..just even for a transfer..but it would also be WAY expensive..even for just a transfer..haha.. Well I'm excited for this upcoming week and being able to work with the Hills and some other golden investigators!

Well I love/miss y'all! Hope y'all are doin well!

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  1. JOSHHHH!! Im so proud of you! =]
    Im glad everything is going so wonderful for you.
    And yeah, I think everyone wants to win the lottery. =P

    - Genia!