Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Hey everyone! Exciting news! The Hills accepted a baptismal date! WOO!! =D they're date is for Jan 30th!! We're way excited! They're doin so well and learning so much! So they brought up the word of wisdom before we taught it because they drink a lot of coffee and tea and they had heard that we can't do that..but then Jessica said quote "it really all comes down to do i want the Holy Ghost..or do i want coffee..and the answer to that is very obvious!" it was amazing! It's so great to see how prepared they have been by the Lord and i'm really looking forward to helping them get baptised and make it to the Temple! We also had a few other miracles this week while finding people, and we now have a "right good amount" of solid investigators! =) only problem is that a lot of them are hard to get to because they live so far away..haha..oh well..we're just way excited to be here and we're definitely being blessed in our efforts and the Lord is consecrating our sacrifices! =) Soo..the Hills gave us a christmas tree and we decorated it and it looks REALLY nice! haha..the top of the tree is the best part! The tree was too big for our apartment, so we just took the top off and instead of having a star on top..we've got a UNC hat!! =) haha..well hey..i'm looking forward to being able to talk to y'all on x-mas! Love y'all and i miss y'all! Take care!

Elder Johnson

Raleigh Temple!
Johnson St.
Top of our tree!

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