Monday, December 7, 2009


Soo..i love being in "The Triangle" the triangle pretty much consists of the area within the perimiter of the cities chapel hill, raleigh, and durham. There are so many people here and its a lot more fun to do missionary work because there's always people to contact and doors to knock! We went to the christmas parade the other day and were able to contact a ton of people! we even got to see Santa!! =D

but yeah..the Hills came to church yesterday! They even came to the chilli cookoff the night before and they brought chilli! I was a judge and i was trying to figure out which chilli was their so that i could choose it..but i couldn't figure out which one it was. =( haha..
But we also had a girl named Lee at church too. Her parents are way less active members and we've been trying to get them to church..but finally lee's mom was able to bring her to church yesterday! but yeah..lee usually won't be able to come to church because every 2 weeks, she's with her real father in Clayton, then on the 3rd week she's with her mother in it's kinda hard to help her progress..

well i can't wait for christmas!! i'm way excited for it! Well i love y'all and hope y'all are doin well! I heard it snowed in Houston! i'm kind've bummed i missed it!! they said we were supposed to have "frozen percipitation" last Saturday..but of course it didn't happen. =( well can't wait to talk to y'all on x-mas!

love Elder J

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