Tuesday, February 9, 2010


So transfers were this week..and i just found out that my companion and i are staying together for one more transfer! haha..we're both way excited, we're having tons of fun/success together! He's definitely the hardest working companion i've had, and probably the funniest too! Well this week went pretty well! We got to go to the temple, and that's always a great experience! It snowed again on Saturday!! but it was just a few flurries for about 10 minutes..nothing stuck or anything =( haha..so the funniest thing happened Saturday morning..we were in a teaching appointment with this man named Shon, and in the middle of the lesson, some Jehovah's witnesses knock on the door and come in for a sec, and start talking about the end of the world! It was so classic! haha..but they wouldn't take a Book of Mormon..=( So we just started teaching this guy named Phil, who has already been to church about 3 times! His girlfriend is a member and he says he's been praying to know if this church is true and he feels like he's close to his answer! But yeah..he's already talked about how he wants to be sealed forever with his family and how he wants to hold the priesthood! haha..so yeah..he's pretty golden! =)

I'm excited to hear about the Saints, thanks mom! =) haha..but yeah..luckily we were able to get into someones house last night! It was soo hard kuz everyone was watching the game, but luckily..we found someone! Well i love y'all and hope y'all are doin well!

Elder Johnson

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