Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Hey everyone! Soo..great news! Our baptismal date this week, Phil Hess, threw a little curveball at us! He surprised us on Thursday and told us that after speaking with the bishop and praying about it, him and Jennifer Abbott are going to be getting married this Thursday a couple of hours before his baptism..and they're going to be living here in Garner!! soo..we'll get to see him get baptised here in Garner, so we're way excited about that!
We also had another pretty funny experience this week..we were tracting down this street..and when we got about half way down, we start talking to this one lady for a while..she wasn't too interested..but then when we turned around..we saw about 10 cop cars that had just appeared from out of nowhere, and cops were swarming this house with their guns drawn and everything! Elder Tibbitts and i were kinda freaking out a little kuz we had already knocked that house..then a female cop pulls up next to us and asked us if we had seen anything suspicious around here. We answered no..and then she told us to be careful because someone called in a burglary into that house! Soo..we keep knockin and we get to about the end of the street..when a young cop pulls up to us and starts questioning us pretty hard. He even asked if we had a permit to be knockin doors..but then we found out that he was just kidding with us and that he had just gotten off of his mission in the Dominican Republic and that he goes to the singles ward! haha..then he told us what happened to the house..he said "yeah..some little kid thought that y'all were trying to break into their house, so he called the cops on y'all!" haha..we felt pretty bad for scaring the kid..but we thought it was pretty funny at the same time!
Well i hope y'all are doin well! I love/miss y'all! Keep me posted on what's going on!

Elder Johnson

You won't like me when i'm angry! =D
The sacred grove in North Carolina

3. Elder Tibbitts and I in the woods

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