Monday, May 10, 2010


Hey fam! It was really great to hear from y'all yesterday! It seems like it was just last month when i called home for Christmas..i have to admit..Mother's Day came around way too fast! It'll be pretty weird when i call home the next Mother's Day..because i'll be home about a week after that! haha.. So i was thinking yesterday about how we used to play sockball in the house, and i think i realized why im mom's favorite's because i'm the only boy that hasn't broken a yadrow!! =)
Well..Garner is still going really well! I've been here 6 months now..and i'll still probably be here for atleast another 5 i'm excited for that!! I absolutely love the members here, they are amazing!! Zone Conference is coming up this week, and i'm really pumped for that! President Cotterell has been focusing on our purpose as missionaries lately, and he's been doing a really great job! He's an amazing man! I wouldn't be surprised if he got called to be a general authority after this! =) But yeah..Zone Conference is going to be really good..we're going to be re-learning what Brother Mitchell and Brother Watson taught us..but this time as a whole mission!
So Sylvia came to church again!! haha..she snuck in during Sacrament meeting and sat in the very we weren't able to go back and sit next to we just continue paying attention to the meeting..Then at the end..they had all of the mother's stand so they could receive a we look back because Sylvia brought her son..and she wasn't there!!! So we ran out into the parking lot and her car was gone!! We asked around and a lot of people saw her walk in..but noone saw her leave!! haha..I've gotta give her props for being sneaky! =) oh well..hopefully we'll see her again this week and be able to set a baptismal date with her! We're really excited for Sylvia..Elder Petersen and I have been working really hard, and we both feel that Sylvia is an answer to our prayers and a blessing for our diligence! She will be a hard one though..she has made it pretty clear that she was going to come to church..but that it didn't mean she was going to join the church..haha..but hopefully we can help her out with that!
Well i love y'all and i hope y'all are doing well! I'm excited to still be on my mission! It's ridiculous how fast time goes! We had the Stake President for the Durham stake come and talk to us at a zone conference once..and he said that the spirit has a way of making time go by faster than you want it to..i testify that that is true doctrine! But it's okay..i've still got a long ways to go before i start talking trunky!! =) love y'all!
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