Thursday, May 6, 2010


Dear Family! I'm pretty excited to be able to talk to y'all this Sunday! I'll be calling home around 2:30 Houston time. This week has been lots of fun! Elder Petersen and i "sang" in the talent was ridiculous..i wish we would've had it on video!! So..we had been riding bikes all day..and we were tired to the point where you just start laughing at everything..and you can't stop laughing..and so Elder Petersen starts singing...and i just burst out laughing on stage because it was so bad!! Then my part came and i tried so hard to sing..but i couldn't help but laugh..which made everyone in the audience laugh histerically..because they could tell we were trying to sing, but we just couldn't!! one point in the song, the piano player stopped playing because she and everyone was laughing too hard! haha..but yeah..we sounded THAT bad!! haha.. at the end..the Bishop came up to us and said "great effort Elders..great effort.." haha..but was lots of fun! =)
So we had an investigator named Sylvia come to church on Sunday! Sylvia is a single parent that moved here from maybe Jared already tracted into her! haha..who knows. But yeah..she only stayed for the first hour..she said she enjoyed church..but you could tell it wasn't really her "cup of tea" was probably a little bit more reverant than what she's used to..haha..but who knows..we shall see this Friday when we go over again for our return appointment!
So..we had an amazing experience this past Thursday! I was in a District and Zone Leader Council meeting, and we had two members from church headquarters come and talk with us. Their names were Brother Mitchell and Brother Watson, and they were from the missionary department. Plus..they both participated in the development of Preach My Gospel, so was a great revelatory experience! The meeting lasted from 9 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon..but it seemed to go by too fast!! (kind've like General Conference) But yeah..i learned a TON!! So i'm excited to take the knowledge and inspiration i've received and apply it into the work!!
Well i hope y'all are doing well! I love/miss y'all!
Elder Johnson

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