Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Hey everyone! So..just so everyone knows, Shirley's baptism went great!! It was so exciting to see how happy she was! We're also working with her daughter, Yvonne, who is just as amazing as Shirley is! She has a baptismal date for July 24th, so keep her in your prayers! Well..the longer i'm in this ward..the more i'm growing to love it! Dad, you might like this..we have a retired golf pro named Charles Pace who lives in our ward, and him and his wife are amazing! But he says that we can go golfing with him for free on Mondays, so we might have to take him up on that pretty soon! His wife, Sister Pace, is amazing, too! She just cut my hair yesterday and did a really great job with it! =) haha..she's also one of the most missionary minded members i've ever met!
Well..last week went pretty well..we got a lot of work done, that's for sure! Right now we're just trying to do a bunch of finding, because that's what really needs to get done right now. We've been receiving a bunch of help teaching wise from a recent convert in the ward named Anthony Rios. He's a marine and he's actually from Harlingen, TX..which is right next to you Jamie! But he just got deployed for a month yesterday, so we won't be able to use him for a while, so we're going to be using the time finding now!
Well i hope y'all are doing great! I love/miss y'all! Take care!!
Elder Johnson

Shirley's Baptism

Working in the rain

Dolphin Ride

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