Monday, June 28, 2010


Hey Fam! Things here in Morehead City are still going really well! We've got a baptism this Saturday with Shirley, which we are way excited about! She came to church yesterday, and really enjoyed it! She says she's never felt more loved at any place on the earth, than at our church! It's very exciting to watch her progress, and she'll be a great member! Well..this past week has been pretty great! We were able to go with a recent convert named Anthony to a really cool pageant that our stake does once a year in a town called "Bath." Bath is actually the oldest town in North Carolina..i even got to take a picture next to the first church building in North's an Episcopal church named "St. Thomas", and we even got to go inside of the building! But the pageant was really's called "The Promised Land" and it connects the American Revolution with the Restoration and the Book of Mormon stories. It was a really cool pageant and i'm glad i was able to go! I also saw a few members from Garner there as well, so that was really exciting to be able to talk to them! We also had a few miracles this week, just little things that truly testify of the divinity of this work and i'm really glad to be a part of it! Well, i hope everyone is doing great! I miss/love y'all! Take care!
Elder Josh Johnson

The Bass I Caught

Oldest Church in NC

Really Blurry Picture of the Pageant

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