Monday, August 16, 2010


Hey everyone! Sorry i didn't get an email out last week..the computer wasn't really working, plus i was kind've in a rush to get out and hit some golf balls with Brother Pace! =) This week has been great! So as far as who we're teaching..there is Robert Green who is amazing! He is a really funny/nice old guy that is extremely smart..especially about money! He's got lots of it..haha. But a long time ago..him and his wife went to hawaii for their honeymoon, and while invited into the Polynesian Cultural Center! =) Robert ordered a book of mormon from there and when they got home, Sister missionaries were already calling them to try to bring it by. So they did..and robert read it..but didn't join the church! He did, however, gain a testimony of the book of mormon and said quote "no person on this earth could have ever written that book..let alone someone with a 3rd grade education and do it in less than 70 days. There's no way!" now we're just trying to help him beleive in the Apostasy. He finally understands it..but doesn't fully beleive it..yet. =) So he started reading the Book of Mormon over again and is now about half way through 1st Nephi. There's also a couple from Scottland, (they have the accent and everything!!) that we tracted into this week. Their names are Richard and Janet. They're 7th day adventist, but are pretty open. They've had missionaries before back in Scottland, as well as Delaware, in fact, Janet even watches the BYU Channel every Friday! Richard is really picky with what you say, so you have to be careful! haha..but they're really great! We have a return appointment with them this Tuesday so hopefully we'll be able to make some progress with them!
Soo..on Thursday, there were some Recent Converts in the ward that needed help butchering their we got to help out! was pretty fun! We got to catch 'em, than kill 'em using some hedge clippers, than pluck 'em, then gut 'em! haha..Needless to was a messy job..but we got free eggs out of it! =) Today's going to be pretty exciting!! A member from the Harker's Island ward owns a charter he's taking our district out on it to go and see the Cape Lookout lighthouse, and to go fishing off the coast! Apparently because it's a charter boat..we have permission to do it! So yeah..this will be great! I haven't been salt water fishing in forever! I'll take lots of pictures! =) Well..i hope y'all are doin well! i love/miss y'all!
Elder Johnson

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