Monday, August 23, 2010


Hey Fam! How's everyone doing!? We had a pretty great week! The boatride was lots of fun! We got to check out the Cape Lookout lighthouse and got some great pictures of that! The fishing was kind've weaksauce, companion foul hooked a dinky 14 in. spanish mackerel, and we caught a lizard fish, which is a trash fish, on one of the handlines. That was my first time ever trolling before..apparently that's what a lot of people do out here and it works pretty well..just not for us, i guess! haha.. But it was still a ton of fun!! Hopefully we'll do a better job at fishing today in the pond behind our house! =)
But as far as the work goes, we had a pretty great miracle this week! We had stopped by an active part member sister, Sister Struyk, on an exchange last week, and during this visit, she expressed a deep desire for her husband Brandon, who works on a boat for 3 weeks at a time, to get baptized. She told us of how Brandon has taken the lessons before, but really wasn't interested, and that he's probably afraid of committment. We shared a few scriptures with her and suggested prayer at the end of our visit. Well..we stopped by Sister Struyk to see how she was doing, and she gave us a report on what happened during the past week. She said that after we left the night before, she went into her room and prayed harder than she has ever prayed before. The next morning, she gets a call from her husband who is on a boat somewhere, telling her that he's coming home early due to a knee injury..but then he told her that due to a couple of "chance" happenings..he wanted to go to church with her when he gets back! So when we get there this past Friday, he's there and we have a really good talk about fishing and boating..then he asked us if we wanted some dinner..which we happily accepted. After dinner, we all go and sit down in the living room..and he allowed us to teach him the first lesson. At the end of the lesson, he expressed his desire to grow closer to God and told us that he would be at church this Sunday. Sure enough, Brandon came with his wife and stayed the entire 3 hours! We're really looking forward to meeting with him again this week! Hopefully he will keep his committment to read from The Book of Mormon!
Well..i hope everyone is doing well! I love/miss y'all! Keep me updated on the Little League World Series..i hear a team from Texas is still in it! =)

Elder Johnson

Me and Elder Thatcher

Cape Lookout Lighthouse
The Charter Boat we were on
The Sandbars
My Rooster!!
Goin to work!

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