Monday, October 18, 2010


I'm getting transfered. =( This time tomorrow, i'll be on my way to Raleigh for transfer meeting. Jeeze..that came so unexpectedly..i've only been in this area for 3 transfers..usually you go 4-5 in an area. I only had one transfer with my greenie..It just feels really weird to leave..almost like i'm leaving home again. I really am going to miss the great people here in Morehead City, but they're in great hands! Elder Crezee really knows what he's doing and he should have no problem continuing to build up the momentum here in this area! Today is my last P-day my companion and i got up early and biked to the dock (which is nowhere near the beach, i might add) and watched the sun come up, and we had our personal study out on the dock. It was a lot of fun..we even saw some dolphins come up and swim about 20 yards away from us! We talked a lot about the mission and about his expectations/fears of the mission and taking over the was pretty great. Well..i'm being called as a Zone Leader. I'm kind've nervous about it..President Cotterell told me that my new companion will have a polar opposite personality as me, but we should fit together nicely. That makes me a little nervous because the last time i had a polar opposite as a companion..we didn't get along at all..haha. Oh well..all things come together for our good.
So..great news! Brandon Struyk still hasn't smoked for over a month now! And we found out that his concern wasn't as scary as we thought it was! We were able to meet with him really briefly and discovered that he just didn't wanna get baptized yet because he felt that he didn't know enough and that he wasn't ready. We informed him that he was right, that he didn't know enough and that he wasn't ready yet because we had only taught him 1 and a half of the lessons..haha..But we reassured him that that doesn't mean he can't be ready in the near future. So hopefully the next time the Elders go over there, they can invite him to be baptized on a specific date! Well..i hope y'all are doing great! I love/miss y'all! Take care!
Elder Johnson

Jeremy's Baptism
Rufus (the dog we live with)
Boat ride across our lawn
Struyk Family
The Pace Family
View from the top of a bridge we biked over
Watching the Sunrise
Just before the sun came up

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