Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Greetings from Fayetteville, NC! My companion and I are in the Fayetteville West zone and we cover 3 wards..The Fayetteville 3rd Ward, The Fort Bragg Military Ward, and the Singles Adult Branch..which i am giving a talk in this Sunday. My new companion's name is Elder Hughes..he's from Mesquite, NV..and he's pretty much a stud because he's been out a transfer less than i have, but he's been a Zone Leader for over 6 months now! I'm learning a lot from him! Right now..most of the work is in the Fort Bragg Ward because we are not allowed to proselyte on Base..so the members are forced to do missionary work..haha..So..crazy story..I get picked up for dinner last night and we go to eat with Jon and Linda Vashaw, members in the Fort Bragg ward. They saw my drivers license when we drove through the inspection and they were like.."Oh Texas? what part?" So i told them Houston...then they were like "what part!?" and i told them Spring..then they were like "oh..well we used to live kind've near there about 10 years ago.." and i was like.."well..where at?" and they said.."kind've near where I-45 meets 1960" so i was like "wow..that's pretty close to where i used to live..do you remember which ward you were in?" and they didn't..so then i was like.."could it have possibly been the Westfield Ward!?" and they were like "YES!!" haha..how crazy is that! They were only in the ward for about 6 months but that was 10 years ago so they couldn't really remember anyone except for Bishop Shurtliff. Plus they spent the entire time teaching Primary, so they never really got to meet anyone. But i told them i would take a picture of Mom and Dad next time we saw them to see if it sparked any memories! haha..weird, huh? Well..the only investigator that i've been able to meet with is named Jermell Coleman, who is in the Military and is trying to decide if he feels like he can be ready pretty soon to be baptized. He's really great, i really like him a lot. But yeah..being a Zone Leader is stressful..i haven't gotten to bed on time once this entire week..but we're gonna try to do better this week. Well..i love y'all and i hope y'all are doin well!
Elder Johnson

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