Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy V-Day! =) Probably the most worthless holiday as a missionary, but it's okay. At least i got a sweet valentine from my companion this morning! Soo..crazy story. I was sitting on one of the chairs at church on Sunday, and someone in the singles branch comes up to me and asks.."Hey..are you Jared's brother!?" haha..he then introduced himself as Adam Facundo and said that he knew Jared, and had actually taken seminary from Mom! He even said that he had slept in my house! crazy is that? The church is such a small world.. So yeah..if there's anything y'all want me to tell him, let me know! =) Well..this was an okay week. We definitely saw some improvements and some more miracles! One, for example, we went to go try to stop by a part member family, and while we were walking down the street, we realized that the address we had was not in existance. Soo..we were a little flustered at first, but then we realized that the Lord wanted us there for some specific reason and that we needed to find out what it was. We then looked over at the house a little bit further down the street from us and saw that it had a really nice truck, so we figured we would start there! haha.. Well..we approach the truck and there is a sticker on the back that says "Kingdom of Tonga" we were like.."wait a minute!..." sure enough, it was the part member family we were trying to find! We have an appointment to go and see them this Friday..and it's a dinner appointment, too! =) Then while we were walking back..some random guy stopped next to us and asked if we needed a ride! We both kind've looked at eachother and were like ".....sure!" So we hop on in and start talking to this guy, and we have an appointment to go see him this week! That was such a great experience! It definitely lifted our spirits a ton! Well..i love and pray for y'all! I hope y'all are doing well! Take care!
Elder Johnson

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