Monday, May 16, 2011


haha..apparently this is it? still has not hit at all. I don't know why but it still feels like Wednesday is forever away! It's so weird whenever people ask me about how i feel..i honestly don't know! Like..part of me is excited..but then again it's weird thinking that i'm gonna be something different on Wednesday than what i've been for the past 2 years. I'm no longer gonna be that creepy guy that chases you down in the street in the middle of the pouring rain, dressed in a suit and riding on a bicycle and wanting to talk about Jesus! haha.. thing that is for certain..even though i'm not going to be the "same thing" i'm still going to be the "same person." I may not chase people down anymore, but i know that i'm still going to be a missionary! Tag or no tag! =) The way i see it..this is really just another transfer and i guess i'm just as excited for this transfer as i am for any other transfer! haha.. I am definitely going to miss "the field" though..Maybe i'm a little crazy..but i actually think that chasing people down in the street is fun and i'm going to miss doing that! I'm going to miss talking to random strangers about the gospel on the daily! I'm going to miss the meetings and the conferences and the other missionaries and the organization. However, i can honestly say that i am excited to come home because i feel that i have done exactly what the Lord has asked me and has expected of me to do, and that is a great feeling! =) I've worked hard and have been diligent and obedient! I've accomplished everything i wanted to on my mission! Now it's time for me to go and get married! ;) hahaha.. (i threw that one in there just for you, Mom!) But yeah..words honestly cannot describe the impact my mission has had on my life! But if i had to narrow it down to one thing..i would say that the greatest thing i've learned on my mission is how great of a blessing it is to ENJOY the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost! I've got the Spirit! I'm happy! What more could i ask for? =) I am grateful for all of your examples for me! I really am indebted to y'all! If i hadn't gone on a mission..i really don't know what i'd be doing right now..but i know that it would have amounted to nothing. Well i love y'all so much. Thanks for supporting me throughout my entire mission! I'll talk to y'all soon! =)
Elder Johnson

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