Monday, May 9, 2011


Hey everyone! It was great being able to speak to y'all yesterday! I have to was pretty weird talking to y'all..knowing that we're all going to see each other in like a week and a half! haha.. So yeah..this was a pretty good week! Not necessarily number wise..but we got a ton accomplished this week considering how busy of a week it was! We had a great zone leader council meeting last week, as well as a great training meeting! Pretty much the only 2 regular days last week were Tuesday and Saturday..every other day we had various things going on which made it a little tricky to go out and talk to people, but we were able to manage! Sister Hunter was able to make it to church for the 2nd time and hopefully she will be getting work off soon so she will be able to come every sunday! If that is the case, we may set her date for when i come back to North Carolina, so that i can be there! =) Today should be fun..we're gonna go fish for a little bit..maybe this time i'll catch that catfish..i swear that thing's head was as big as Justin's! =) haha..but then after fishing we're having our zone preparation day and i'll get to say goodbye to everyone in the zone! Well..this should be a great week coming up! I'm looking forward to going out with a bang! I love y'all and i'll see y'all soon!
Elder Johnson

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