Tuesday, January 12, 2010


This week was pretty amazing! We've had a lot of fun and my companion and i are getting along great! District meeting last wednesday was a pretty great one! Probably the best i've had in this district! They were a lot more reverent this time, than they had been in the past, so that helped out a lot! haha..We've seen so many miracles this week as well! It's truly amazing how much the Lord has been blessing us! We've found some pretty amazing people lately that have definitely been prepared by the Lord and it's been way exciting being able to teach these people! Last night we were able to teach Cecil Mcbride again and he has shown a lot of interest and he told us that he knows the Book of Mormon is true!! So that was WAY exciting! He says he'll be coming to church this week..so we'll be looking out for him and his wife! The Hills are sick..=( they weren't able to make it to church again..so we're not completely sure on if they'll still be ready to be baptised on the 30th..but they will be baptised soon! They still have that goal in their hearts, so that's way exciting!

Well i love y'all and i hope y'all are doin well! I'll talk to y'all later!

Elder Johnson

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