Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Hey everyone! How's it goin? This past week hasn't been too eventful..we have found a few more pretty amazing investigators this week..and someone else in my district set another baptismal date..but other than that..not too much happened. This upcoming week though is going to be amazing! We're gonna go see all of our investigators that have asked us to come back after the holidays, so we should be picking up this week! Also, we committed the Hills to live the Word of Wisdom this past week and they were more than willing to get rid of all of their coffee!! They said "really..it's giving up something so small..for something SO BIG!!" They're way excited as well for ther baptismal date of January 30th! We're also way excited! =) I'm really looking forward to this upcoming year! I get to spend the entire year of 2010 on my mission! oh..and i just found out that our mission president does extensions! =) that's something that i'm definitely going to be praying about! unfortunately..the max you can extend is 30 days..any further than that then it has to get approved by the first presidency. Well i hope y'all are doing great! i love and miss y'all!

Elder Johnson

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