Monday, January 25, 2010


I totally had my heart broken this week! soo..we talked to the Hills this week..and they said that they've been praying and they don't feel like they're ready to be baptised on the 30th of January.. =( way sad..especially kuz we ran through the baptismal interview questions and they were perfectly fine with all of them!! But they said that they still definitely wanna get baptised..just not yet. But we had an amazing experience with the bishop.. the Hills came to church and while we were in our Gospel Principles class..the Bishop came in and shared with us his conversion story..and encouraged the Hills not to wait. The spirit was soo strong! There was even another sister in there who was a recent convert and she told the hills her story after class too! it was way exciting! I just hope that they don't feel pushed..we haven't talked to them about it yet..but yeah..hopefully they'll be resetting a date here pretty soon! I mean..they're pretty much already members..they've got visiting teachers already assigned..Jessica is like..way involved with the relief society..Eddy is really enjoying yeah..they're doing amazing! They just need to commit..haha..please pray for them!!! soo..i'm excited..we saved up our miles so that we've got enough miles to go to the stake center today for p-day..which is always way exciting kuz the stake center is in the same parking lot as the temple! It's so weird being near the temple now after being on the complete opposite side of the mission while i was in wallace! so yeah..i'm gonna enjoy it! =D

Well i'm really enjoying my time here on my mission and i have grown SOO much!! I hope y'all are doin well and i'm lookin forward to hearing from y'all! I love/miss y'all!

Elder Johnson

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