Monday, April 26, 2010


Hey fam! How's it going!? This week has been a lot better..the only disappointing thing about it is that we didn't have anyone at church!! =( Well we had our zone conference this week, and that helped out a lot! I learned TONS! President Cotterell really knows what he's doing! Well i've only got 5 minutes left on this thing!! oops! But yeah..we had a lot of fun this week! We taught a lot and had a lot of member present lessons! We're really excited for a few of our new investigators! We had an interesting experience..we taught a family that was part of the "Church of Christ Restored"..haha..they're a break off from a break off of our church! (no..they don't beleive in polygamy..haha..) But's pretty interesting seeing how much of their doctrine has been distorted! But at least they still do use 3 of the 4 standard works...(they don't view the Pearl of Great Price as inspired doctrine, but they do view it as something interesting to read..i guess kind've like the apocripha??) But yeah..apparently they believe Brigham Young re-baptized everyone when they moved west..and killed everyone that tried to leave!! yikes! haha..but yeah..that was a very fun lesson! Well i hope everything is going great for y'all! Can't wait to talk to y'all on Mother's Day!
Elder Johnson

We tracted into Larry..and helped him build a bonfire!

My updated Posterity Picture!

I need more letters.. =(

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