Monday, September 20, 2010


Dear Family! How's it going? Not much happened this week..the weather is cooling off a little bit! Elder Crezee is doing amazing! Him and I get along great! Brandon Struyk is gone on the boat now, and David Starnes just left to go back to New now we're doing a ton of finding. We've got a baptism this Saturday with Ethan Waycott, a 16 year old boy who is the son of a recent convert here in the ward. I caught a catfish last week in our pond! haha..also a 3 foot black racer, which is a fairly popular snake around here, that one was fun to catch! We're taking Ethan and his older brother Tim fishing today, so hopefully we'll have some fun! OH MY GOSH...i seriously saw the biggest snapping turtle i have ever seen!! The only other time i've seen them get that big was on the Jeff Corwin experience! We almost caught it, too..but it got away. =( We did get a really nice video of it though, i'll have to show y'all when i get home! Well..i love y'all and hope y'all are doin well!
Elder Johnson

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