Monday, September 27, 2010


Hey everyone!! Thanks for all of the "happy birthdays!" It's rediculous how fast time goes! I can't beleive i'm already 21! Crazy..But yeah..this week went really well! We had a baptism this past Saturday! Ethan is a 16 year old that we've been working with and he finally decided to get baptized! haha..but yeah, i got to confirm him on my birthday!! =) do y'all remember that family that got baptized back in July? Well there was another son of Yvonne Laveck that did not live with her at the time. His name is Jeremy and he's 31 years old. Well he just moved in with the rest of the family and has been coming to church these past couple of weeks! His first Sunday at church, he noticed that he was the only one that was not wearing a white shirt, so that week, all by himself, he went out and bought a white shirt so that he could wear it to church! Then we went over to teach him and, again all by himself, had already begun reading the gospel principles manual and was about 10 chapters into it! Jeremy will be getting baptized this Friday, so we are really excited for that! That was a very welcomed miracle! =) Also, Brandon Struyk still has not smoked a cigarette and it's been about 3 weeks now! He'll be back on the 7th of October, which means we'll probably have to move his date back a week so that we can make sure he's prepared, because right now his date is set for the 9th. The district is also doing really well! The Havelock Elders just had a baptism, and they have another one scheduled for the 9th! Well..i hope everyone is doing great! I love/miss everyone! Take Care!
Elder Johnson

Ethan's Baptism

My "boy" Elder Crezee

The Catfish i caught

The Black Racer

Elder Crezee's first fish ever!!

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