Monday, September 6, 2010


Hey everyone!! How's it going? This week was okay..we didn't get a hurricane, though.. =( I was way dissappointed about that..we were looking forward to it all week..then at the last minute it turns away from us! My companion and i are blaming it on the "prayers of the righteous." Maybe next time.. Well i got some fishing done this morning! haha..I was bored so i decided to go out real fast and catch some bluegill. I was using a small, 3 foot "Superman" pole and grasshoppers as bait..and i caught about 8 of them! Then at the end i decided i was gonna go for a bass. I hooked one..but then it broke my line.. =( oh well..I think next week my new companion and i are just gonna grab some worms at the pet store..those work really well!

Soo..i've got some news for everyone..I'm District Leader again..and i'm training again, as well! But the thing that i am most excited about is..ELDER PETERSEN IS COMING BACK!!! Do y'all remember the Elder that I trained earlier that went home because of his leg injury? Well he gets back tomorrow!!! I'm so excited about that!! That was the BEST news that President gave me! President Cotterell is gonna let me send him a voicemail on Thursday to welcome him back to the mission! Well..Brandon Struyk is doing really well! He quit smoking on Thursday!!! He came to church on Sunday, and when he found out that Elder Thatcher and i needed a ride to Raleigh..which is a 3 hour drive, he volunteered to take us! We're both pretty excited for him! Transfer meeting should be great for him and will help him out a lot! He's still pretty excited about his date for October 9th..and that date may even be moved closer, depending on how he feels!

Well..i hope everyone is doing great! I love/miss y'all! Take care!

Elder Johnson

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