Monday, November 1, 2010


Happy late Halloween!! I really love the know why!? Because when Halloween is on Sunday..they have enough respect for the Sabbath to go trick or treating on Saturday! Well..this week has been great! The zone is doing amazing, we are the smallest zone number wise, but we can still compete with the other zones! The Lord is blessing us tremendously! I think the highlight of my week though was last Monday when i was walking through the ice cream isle at Wal-Mart and guess what i saw...BLUE BELL ICE CREAM!!!! Ahhh..i was so excited!! So of course, i had to buy a half gallon of cookies n' cream and now my companion is hooked on it, as well! We had a miracle yesterday after church..some guy named Kris walked into the building and he asked someone if the missionaries were here, so someone came and got us. It turns out that he has a fiance that is a member and he had been checking out the church's website and really likes what he saw! He said that he completely lost all of his faith in his last deployment to Aphghanastan..but he's really open now to learning more...we've got a return appointment with him on we'll keep you posted on him! Well..i love/miss y'all! I hope y'all are doing well!
Elder Johnson

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