Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Hey y'all! How's everything going!? This has been a pretty good week! Elder Petersen and i have been getting along great! He's probably going to end up being my favorite companion, just because of how hard we work, and how much fun we have! (but most importantly because of how hard we work..) =) He's been a great example to me of how to work with members, and i'm really looking forward to learning more from him as we continue to work together! But, as far as missionary work, we weren't able to find any new investigators this week, however, we were able to find a TON of potential! There was a family in one of our wards whom came up to us and gave us a referral to stop by, right before they got transferred to the Army Base in El Paso, Texas. So we stopped by, which was a little intimidating because we aren't really allowed to knock on people's doors on Base, unless we have an appointment..But fortunately we were able to set a return appointment for today, so we're really excited for it!! There's also a couple of other people that we are trying to get a hold of, whom have great potential! So yeah..hopefully soon we'll begin to see some change! Well..i love/miss y'all and i hope y'all are doing great!

Elder Johnson

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