Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Hey everyone! This has been a pretty great week! We've been blessed with so many miracles, it's hard to know where to start! This past Tuesday we were able to meet with a family named the Kings, who were a referral from that family that moved to El Paso. They are such a great family! They have so many great questions and it has been so much fun meeting with them and being able to answer their questions and help them to learn! We were also able to meet with someone named Nathanial Davis, who is going through his AIT schooling right now in the Army. (AIT school is the schooling you get right after basic training to teach you how to do your job) Well..because of some pretty strict rules that he's under, we weren't allowed to teach him in a member's home, so we ended up teaching him in the food court at the mall on base. Then in the middle of our lesson, some random guy inturrupts us and starts screaming out some anti at us..which was really awkward..haha..Finally he left and we kept teaching..then 10 minutes later he comes back again and starts doing it all over again! haha.. it was pretty weird..He did, however, compliment my smile! =) Well..inspite of the adversary's efforts to drive the spirit away, we actually had a great lesson with him! We have another appointment to see him this Saturday, as well as with someone else named Rose who is also going through AIT right now. Well..Brianna Stewart is finally getting baptized this Saturday! We're so excited for it! Some of her family is flying in for it, and we're trying to invite as many people as we can to it, so hopefully we'll have a great turn out! Well..i hope everything is going great for y'all! I love and miss y'all! Take care!
Elder Johnson

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