Monday, January 31, 2011


Wow..what a week! I have never been so busy in my life! I spent about 9 hours driving this week back and forth from meetings in other cities..we had church all day on Sunday because we cover 3 units, and we were able to teach 16 lessons this week! Busy busy busy..But i'm grateful for it's what i've been praying the task is just getting everything all organized so it's not so stressful! haha..Well..Brianna's baptism went really well! She was baptized by one of the senior missionaries covering Fort Bragg, Elder Burris. Him and his wife are both from Austin, so we have a lot of great conversations about good ol' Texas every once in a while! My companion and i are doing great! I love serving with Elder Petersen, just because of how much i learn from him each week, as well as how well we get along! I'm impressed by how much the Church is embracing technology now a days! They want all of the missionaries in our mission to create a profile on and to encourage our members to do the same and to invite their friends to look at it! has changed a TON! It's so amazing now..As a missionary, i would encourage each and every one of y'all to create a profile and get started on it! =) But also, not only do we have cell phones..but we can text now! It makes things so much easier and it is super effective! Next thing you know..we'll be proselyting via facebook! =)
Soo..the King family..the family that we taught and wants to get baptized but are moving to Fort Riley, turns out that they are moving one street away from the Ward Mission Leader in that crazy is that!? It's pretty amazing to see how the Lord works..even though they won't be baptized here..He's still doing everything He can to help them out! Oh..and speaking about solid people not being able to be baptized here..we had been teaching these 3 singles and 2 of them are pretty solid! But then we found out on Saturday that they are in the Army reserves and will be heading back home in 2 was pretty really does seem like we're professional seed planters lately! haha.. well..i love/miss y'all! I hope y'all are doing well! Write me! =)
Elder Johnson

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