Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hey everyone!

This week has been really good! We've still been finding a ton of people and there are so many friendly people here in Wallace! I had my first Zone Conference yesterday and I got to meet the new Mission President! He's really cool and I'm looking forward to getting to know him better! I've seen a lot of things this week that have been really amazing to see and its been great seeing the Lord's hand in our work! Ruby is all set to be baptised this Saturday so that'll be great! We also taught someone named Carl today, who's mother had passed away a while back ago..and he was expressing how confused he was about how God could let his mother we were able to help him out using the Book of Mormon and explain the scriptures to help him understand!

So for the 4th of July..I got to eat barbeque with Michael Jordan's sister! Haha..she was pretty awesome..and she looked just like Michael! Haha..but yeah..I'm probably gonna get to see the house that Michael Jordan lived in this week so that'll be pretty exciting!

Soo..I ate almost an entire cow on Monday! was pretty sweet! I took the "Andy's challenge"..and almost won! Haha..I ate the ENTIRE burger..but I still had about 12 fries left..and the rule was you had to eat the burger, the fries, and a large drink in 30 I was pretty much just 12 fries away from having my picture on the wall..oh well.. =(

A couple of days ago..I was reading in the book of Alma..and I found my favorite chapter! Everyone should re-read Alma Chapter 29 sometime really amazes me at how great of an example of a missionary Alma the younger is!

Well I love all of you and I miss ya'll so much!

Memory Lane

My trainer Elder Condie and his trainer Elder Henley
My MTC district
Golfing in pross! Haha
Me on Peter's bike!
The giant catfish head in front of Peter's house!! (this looked like a deer head from behind!!)
The water moccasin in the tree!

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