Monday, August 10, 2009


Hey everyone! Things are going really great! We had an amazing week! The work is really beginning to pick up!

It's pretty amazing how good of shape I'm in! seems like all the missionaries around me are gaining more and more weight..and the only weight I'm gaining is from muscle! I weigh a little over 175 now! My companion and I have been waking up at 6 every morning and been running..and then when we get home..I do tons of sit ups..we've also got a little bench press so that helps out a ton, as well!

So the bananna spiders here get HUGE!! So elder Condie and I had an idea on how to make a little souvineer..we decided we were gonna catch one of these spiders and turn it into a big paperweight by sealing it in epoxy! Soo..we did that..we each caught one of these giant spiders by putting them in a jar and drowning them in this bug killer after we had them in there for about 30 minutes..we left them out to dry so that their legs would be out and the spider would be in a sweet then when we got the epoxy ready..we poured it into the mold..and then we dropped the spider in it..but unfortunately..the spider was still alive!! It started moving and squirming around in the epoxy..and then it just folded its legs in..and the epoxy dried like super fast so now my little souvineer isn't nearly as cool as i thought it would be. =( oh well..

So yesterday's church was really great!! We had 2 investigators at church! One was a man..about 30 years old that has a wife and 4 kids..and he was really looking for answers in his life..we've been teaching him for a while now and he's been studying the Book of Mormon and he's really beginning to feel like this is true! So he came to church and during our gospel principles class..he was answering tons of our questions and they were all very intelligent answers as well!

Then there was Mona! Mona is the sweetest lady you will ever meet! She's got a baptismal date for the 12th of September and she is SO excited for it! She was taking notes like crazy during our gospel principles class! Haha..we talked to her afterwards and she felt like she was learning so much and really enjoying every minute of it! So i'm way excited for those 2!
Then after church..we were able to teach a man by the name of Ed Boney...we began teaching him this week and he is SO prepared, it's not even funny! During the first time we taught him..he began teaching us about the importance of the High Order of Melchezedik! He knew more about it than I did! it was really great to teach him about how the Melchezedik priesthood has been restored back onto this earth! We assigned him a couple of chapters in the Book of Mormon to answer some of his questions..and then when we came back..he had read all of those chapters and more! He had even read all of Jacob 5 and had some really intellectual questions about it that we were able to answer! It was so exciting! He even told us that he prayed about the Book of Mormon and had a vision about it..and us coming that second day..un announced fulfilled his vision! So yeah..I'm way excited about Ed and I love teaching him!

I understand that Houston is going through a little drought right now..that sucks..because it rained here like everyday for an entire week last week haha..well I miss/love y'all!
Elder Johnson
The LARGEST frying pan in the world!

Stormy Wallace

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