Monday, August 17, 2009


This week has flown by way too fast! We're down to our last week of the this very well could be the last week that Elder Condie and I have together! Last week was really great! We had zone conference on Tuesday..which was really great! I learned a lot about teaching for understanding and about the junior keystone of our religion, the apostacy. It is important that all of our investigators develop a testimony on the apostacy because if there was never an apostacy, than there was never really a need for a restoration in the first place! Then..I got to go on an exchange with the zone leaders..and I was with Elder Robertson, who is way sweet! He's from California..and he's totally a Calli boy! Haha..but I learned a lot from him and we definitely had a great time in Wilmington! We even got to see the house that Michael Jordan lived in while he was going to high school! Haha..we had a couple of pretty hillarious experiences while we were out contacting and knocking of the guys that we contacted..tried to tell us that Jesus had a large tattoo on his upper thigh..and that it was in the Bible..he just didn't know where! Haha..that was pretty yeah..I got to find out a lot about the fact that the shows "One Tree Hill" and "Dawsons Creek" were filmed there! Maybe one day I'll "accidentally" walk through the set of One Tree Hill and contact them while they're filming! ;) haha..

Well I'm having the time of my life and there is honestly no place else I'd rather be! I love/miss y'all!

Elder Johnson

Goin down a steep ladder on the bike trails!

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