Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Hey everyone! This week has been so sweet! On monday..we got to go to the Serpentarium down in Wilmington and we got some great pictures! Then we walked along the river walk for a little bit and saw the battleship! Then on Wednesday..we got to go to the Raleigh NC temple! (the SMALLEST temple in the world..haha..)but it is so sweet! I enjoyed it so much! Then the rest of the week was full of hard work and lots of fun!

So last night..we were driving to an appointment..and we were out in the middle of NOWHERE..on some dirt road..then in the middle of the road..there was a live water moccossin! I jumped out to grab a stick so that I could catch it..but Elder Condie wouldn't let me..=( I was kinda bummed..but at the same time I'm so thankful..because I would have definitely gotten bit..murphy's law definitely would have gone into effect..haha.. so instead we got some pretty good videos of me seeing how close to the snake I could get..haha..

Soo...we found out this week that Elder Condie and I are going to be separated tomorrow =( We're both moving on to better things..he's getting transfered somewhere to be a Zone Leader..and then I got the shock of my life..I was called to be the District Leader..I totally wasn't expecting that..I think I'm the youngest District Leader I have ever even heard of..I've only been out 3 months! I just barely graduated from being a greenie! I haven't even been follow up trained yet! Haha..so yeah..needless to say..I'm pretty nervous! But I know that by working as hard as I can and striving for 100% obedience..the Lord will help me out so much! I'm looking forward to seeing how much I'm going to grow from this! Well I love y'all and I miss y'all!

The Battleship!

Black Mamba

Forest Cobra

Mexican Rattler

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