Monday, August 3, 2009


Hey everyone!

I've had such an amazing week! I have seen so many things this past week that have definitely strengthened my testimony in the work that we're doing! There was one instance in perticular..I was on an exchange on Wednesday. It was my first time driving out here on the mission and on the way back from Wilmington, I got lost while trying to find my way to an appointment and ended up in some deep country I had no idea where to go and we weren't quite in our area yet so we didn't have any we pulled over on the side of the road and prayed for the Lord to direct us and help us to get back to town. So then..I just started driving..and somehow we immediately found our way back to town! Haha..It was pretty sweet! I was so grateful for the guidance of the spirit there!

Well..things are going really great..this letter is gonna have to be short too because I spent most of my 45 minutes writing my letter to the mission president today..but yeah..this week we were focusing on doing work with less actives. We asked the branch president for a short little list of less actives that we should focus on this week..and he handed us a list of about 15 names! Haha..but's been lots of fun!

So I got to teach the gospel principles class in church yesterday! Elder Condie and I started up a gospel principles class because this branch hasn't had one in years! I can only imagine how hard it would have been to be baptised and then to just dive into the gospel doctrine class! That would have been really hard! Haha..but yeah..we were able to teach the plan of salvation to a couple of recent converts and they learned a lot! It was really great! I feel that this class is gonna help out a ton!

Well I miss/love y'all!

Elder Johnson

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