Monday, October 12, 2009


Hey everyone! I miss y'all! Soo..missions go by way too fast..I turn 5 tomorrow..I remember thinking that 5 months was way old!! It's not fair =( I wish they still did extensions..maybe if I start talking to President Cotterell now, and bring it up everytime I talk with him, maybe I'll end up getting one! Haha..

Well..that meeting at the other church..didn't go too was a total trap! It just ended up being the pastor of the church, the former pastor of the church, and the pastor of a Pentecostal church. Yhen they just wanted to bash with us the whole time! It was pretty lame..especially because the first time I met the pastor, we agreed to the meeting as just presenting our beliefs, not trying to impose our religion on anyone..but than the pastor of the Pentecostal church..who also happened to be an excommunicated member of the church and even served a mission in South Carolina..brought a whole bunch of anti stuff and tried to attack us with was really pathetic and kind've hilarious! =) But it still was pretty sad to see the state that he had fallen into because he couldn't hold the standards..but it did make me realize should never try to prove a religion wrong by attacking it's doctrines..that will just turn into an ongoing argument that will never end..instead, what you should do is judge a religion by it's works! That's really the only way to do it! But yeah..we didn't bash at all..we just referred all anti and probing questions to Moroni's promise, which they even attacked as well..haha..oh well. =)

But yeah..this week went really well! We've got some new investigators that are looking pretty solid, so it'll be great to be able to work with them! I'm looking forward to this week!

Soo..I think I've decided that I want to be the next crocodile hunter when I get home. Everytime I see a lizard or a bull frog, I can't help but catch it and throw it at my companion! (which he loves by the way, him being from Idaho and never seeing a bull frog before) haha..but yeah..I saw my first chicken snake the other day! I would've caught it..but I got there too late..I got there right as the guy was about to cut his head off..I was too late =( Poor guy.. but yeah..if not the next crocodile hunter, maybe I'll do something with reptiles! We have an investigator who used to be a snake scientist..and he had tons of snakes and would even milk rattlesnakes! Thats way cool! It sounds like something I might have to do when I get home! =) (sorry mom)

But yeah..I'm doing well! I'm enjoying every minute of my mission! And if anyone could send me a dvd with Elder Holland's talk on it from last conference..that would be really amazing and probably the best Christmas gift ever! =)

Love and miss y'all!
Elder Johnson

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