Monday, October 19, 2009


Hey everyone!! Soo..I've already decided everything that I want for Christmas..and these are things of necessity..haha..
2 longsleeve white shirts
2 shortsleeve white shirts
1 pair of black warm and waterproof gloves
a couple pairs of wool socks

I would really really really love to have:
An electric razor! haha..(it could even be a really cheap one, I don't care..I'm just really tired of shaving with razor blades everyday!)

But yeah..I would actually prefer to get these things long before as soon as possible!! Haha..Im just now getting to see how cold NC can get!! I am freezing! I don't like my companion right now because this is summer to him, he being from Idaho, and he won't let me wear a coat!! Haha.. but yeah..I am totally not prepared for winter and those are the things I am going to NEED!! This is the first week we've actually used the heater in our house! The cold just came out of nowhere! It dropped about 20 degrees in about 2 days! Haha..I was TOTALLY not ready for it was raining like kinda made it a little miserable being on a bike haha..

But yeah..the 2 most important things out of that list are the gloves and the socks!! If I get nothing else for Christmas..please make sure I get those! (plus maybe some ties! haha..)

Well Elder Kearsley and I have seen some really great stuff this past week! Yesterday, we just got permission to teach a 12 year old girl who is on the cheerleading team with one of our members! Her name is Carey and she's been coming to church and mutual for the past couple of weeks and she has already told us that she wants to be baptised! We are way excited and are looking forward to helping her out! But yeah..this just helps me to know a little more how honestly and truly..all success comes from the members! I love what L. Tom Perry said.."Members are full time FINDERS..missionaries are full time TEACHERS" honestly to me..that just means that if missionaries are out tracting, than the members aren't doing their job. Now tracting is still way shows the Lord how hard you are willing to work hard to have people to teach..but truly all success comes from the members. I've had so many great lessons and investigators by finding with my own efforts..but getting those type of people to church is another story. It is SO much easier if they have a friendshipper!

Well I love y'all so much! Wish I could be at Jess's wedding! I'm sure it'll be great!

Elder Johnson

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