Tuesday, October 6, 2009


So I've definitely made some major accomplishments this week! First off..I solved a rubiks cube all by myself for the first time! =) Second..I was actually able to make it through all 10 hours of general conference! Before my mission, I never in this world thought I'd be able to endure all 5 sessions..but I did so with so much excitement! I learned so much and it went by way too fast! The only bad part about it is that for all 4 of the regular sessions..us 4 missionaries were the only members in the church building watching it..Haha..that was pretty lame..but oh well. I am thrilled that I developed a love for conference over the past weekend..now I never want to miss another talk again! Haha..I learned so much and I can't wait til the next session!

So I was in Raleigh last Friday for a District/Zone Leader meeting..and our mission President, President Cotterell, is raising the standards quite a bit! I'm way excited to see how much we're going to grow from this! Soo..apparently President Cotterell has some pretty high expectations of me and Elder Kearsley and our potential here in Wallace..so hopefully we'll be able to see some great miracles and changes here in Wallace!

Soo..I'm definitely going to need some prayers from y'all..we tracted into a minister's house..and he invited us to pretty much come to his church this Thursday and teach the restoration to his congregation..I'm not really all that nervous..I just would appreciate it if y'all prayed for me this week because I want this to go really well and to be a great spiritual experience for everyone!

Well I love/miss y'all! Thanks for those birthday packages and cards! Hope y'all are doin well!

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