Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Soo..i arrived here in North Carolina exactly a year from today! It's so weird thinking back to that day and the state of confusion and shock that i was in! haha.. i hope i've improved a lot since then! Well..so a lot has happened..i had a really good week over in Cary, working with Elder Handy and Elder Waite. During the week, i found out that i was going to have a new companion on Tuesday! A new greenie! His name is Elder Wilding and he's from Loveland, Colorado! (my first companion that grew up with early morning seminary!!) He was originally called to the Sacramento California mission Spanish speaking, but then they switched his call and he came here to speak english with me! Then yesterday i was invited to go to the Zone Leader Council meeting up in Raleigh, and i learned a TON!! After the meeting, i got home and was trying to finish up some planning and then i get a call from the assistants telling me that my new boy was actually already at the airport waiting to be picked up! (we all thought he was coming in the next day) He also told us that President Cotterell would be at our place in about an hour and then we'd go out to dinner together with my new greenie! Soo..yeah! A lot happened really fast, so now i have a new companion and am back in my area!! Only for about 2 more weeks though..President Cotterell told me that i'm still going to be transfered this next transfer..=(

So we had a miracle happen! Our investigator Adam Guillen had been praying for an opporotunity to come to church..then an hour before our appointment on Tuesday, he got a call saying that he didn't have to work this weekend..so he was able to come to church and he enjoyed it! We set a baptismal date with him for July 10th..but we told him that we could move that forward if he felt like he was ready! We're really excited for him..we see him again tonight! Pray for him!

Well i hope everyone is doing great! I love/miss y'all! Take care!

Elder Johnson

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