Monday, June 7, 2010


I have a testimony of latter day prophets. =) Our meeting with Elder David A. Bednar was truly a once in a lifetime experience. It was a 4 hour, question and answer session, where he would ask us questions, and we would answer them. Then we were able to ask him questions, and he answered them. I am absolutely amazed with how profoundly, how swiftly, he answered and responed to each question. I'm amazed at the questions that he asked us. I am humbled by an experience that i was priveleged to have during this meeting. Just the day before, we met with an investigator named Eric Heyberlin, who is married to a member. He accepts Joseph Smith as a prophet, he accepts the Book of Mormon as scripture, he does not however accept the way that we call prophets now, and honestly i didn't know too much about how we call prophets now except for the senior apostle always takes over, so i didn't know exactly what to tell him. Then when Elder Bednar was introducing the question session, he gave an example of a bad question to ask him, than he gave an example of a good question to ask him. The bad example was asking him where the sword of laban was..haha..But then for the example of a good question, he "just so happened" to use the example of asking him how prophets are called today! He did not answer that question immediately, but i knew that it was inspired. So i raised my hand and asked him that question, and as he looked me in the eye, and explained to me this God inspired process of the selection of the next prophet, i felt the Spirit probably stronger than i've ever felt it before, as i sat there and held a brief conversation with an apostle of the Lord. I know, and i witness that there truly are apostles and prophets of God that walk the earth. I know that President Monson has truly been called on by God. I just hope that one day, i'll be able to have another experience like this some other time in my life!
Well i'm really grateful to be out here on my mission! Elder Wilding is doing great, he's got a great spirit! He reminds me of the greenie on "the best two years" haha..(i just hope i'm not as trunky as his trainer was!) Oh yeah..i found out that i'm getting transfered next tuesday! =( It's sad..i'm going to miss garner. Well i love/miss y'all!
Elder Johnson

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