Tuesday, September 22, 2009


This past week has been really great! We had stake conference in the Wilmington Zone..and I learned soo much! There were tons of great speakers and great talks given..there was even a talk given who had served in the North Carolin Raleigh Mission over 50 years ago who gave a talk! That was a pretty great experience hearing from him!

So..we've turned in our golf clubs for the time being and picked up tennis rackets! Haha..we've been playing tennis almost everyday for morning exercise out in the middle of the street..then on p-days we go up to the courts and play a little tournament! It's so much fun!

As far as the work goes..Elder Kearsley and I have been tearing it up! We've got the most lessons taught this week in the entire zone for 2 weeks straight! We've been working really hard and seeing a couple of people beginning to have that spark in their eyes and developing a desire to get baptized! It's so great to see how the presence of the holy ghost can totally and completely change someones countenance! We were teaching someone, and at the beginning of the lesson, he didn't want to talk at all..he felt like we were just the most wrong, corrupt religion on the face of the earth..but the more we taught..the more open he became and it ended up being a great lesson!

Well I'm excited for this Wednesday! Elder Maynes of the quorum of the 70 is coming for our mission tour and we get to go hear him speak in Kinston..which is about an hour and a half away, but it should be really great! I'm looking forward to it!

Well I love/miss y'all! Hope y'all are doing well!

Elder Johnson

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