Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Hey! How was everyone's labor day weekend!? We went golfing for our p-day again! My swing is getting SO much better! I only lost 5 balls this time! Haha..but yeah..the work here in Wallace is going SO great! I'm having so much fun teaching these great people and I am seeing so many little miracles, as well as a few big ones! We have definitely been working really hard and being as obedient as possible! My new companion reminds me SO much of our cousin Joe Giles..haha..he looks just like him! But we've been getting along great! He's been out 9 and a half months and I've been out 3 and a half..but we're still learning so much from each other and having so much fun! So..I bought a little computer that keeps track of how many miles I ride each day so I can record it in my journal..guess how many miles I've ridden in 2 weeks..193.22! Haha..that's pretty amazing! My legs are in pretty decent shape! Especially now that Elder Kearsley and I have been waking up an extra 30 minutes earlier to go run..we just stay in front of the house and he jogs around the street, while I run sprints up and down it! It's been going great!

Well I love/miss y'all! Hope all is well!

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