Monday, November 15, 2010


Hey everyone! How's it going!? This has been an amazing week! Stake Conference was this week, and it was amazing! Our Mission President and his wife came and spoke at it and both did an amazing job! The random guy that showed up at church last week was named Michael Everett. He lives in a group home with a few other kids, and everytime we have seen him this week, he has had someone new with him from his group home, all seem pretty interested! He came to the Adult session of Stake Conference with us on Saturday and enjoyed it, and he has even expressed his desire to be baptized! We are going to be meeting with him tomorrow and discuss baptism and the things he has to do and understand before he's baptized. He's got a great heart, but it may take a little longer than usual with him. We just want to make sure that he thoroughly understands everything before he commits. Also, we were able to invite a former investigator to Stake Conference, and she came! That was exciting! But even more exciting was another one of our investigators having a very special and spiritual experience at stake conference! Brother Coleman has been coming to church for the past few months just to make his wife happy..he really didn't like church, and we found out just last night that he really didn't like meeting with the missionaries..haha.. But recently he says he's had a change of heart. He's not going to church for the same reasons anymore. Usually his wife has to get his clothes ready for him every Sunday, this past Sunday he was ready for church before she was! And Stake Conference really sealed the deal for him! He has committed to being baptized on Dec 4th, so we're really excited for that! Kris Parkins is still doing amazing! He was at church in Utah yesterday with his fiance and her family. Her brother gave his farewell talk yesterday, he's going on his mission to Hungary! Plus, the military had a 4 day weekend because of Veteran's day, so Kris just decided to spend it with his new family! But he's still reading the Book of fact, last time we checked he was almost through the book of Mosiah!! Needless to say..I'm impressed! haha.. Well the zone is doing's looking like we're going to fall a little short of our goal for 13 baptisms this month, but things are looking terrific for the month of December!! I just know that as we continue to be grateful for the success we have had, we will continue to be blessed with more! I love the example that President Monson gave in his last talk on gratitude. When the multitude followed Christ into the wilderness without food, Christ was concerned about them. He asked his disciples how much food they had, and they told him that they only had a few loaves of bread and a few small fishes. They fell into the trap of focusing on the lack, instead of what they had. Then Jesus took what they had, gave thanks, and then he blessed the bread and fed the multitude and had left overs. I love how President Monson pointed out how he gave thanks, and then a miracle followed. He was grateful for the things He had, and so he was given more!
Well..i love y'all and i hope everyone is doing great!
Elder Johnson

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