Monday, November 29, 2010


Hey everyone! How's it going!? Soo..i've decided on my list of things that i want for Christmas.. i need a nice brown belt, about 2 longsleeve white shirts, a loofah sponge =), oh..and ties wouldn't hurt! I don't need much this year..but if y'all could correlate your efforts to help me obtain those items, it would be very helpful! Well..Kris' baptism went amazing! He is super excited to be a member! He was confirmed, and also received the Aaronic Priesthood yesterday, and he was also went in and asked the Bishop about receiving a Patriarchal Blessing..without any prompting from us! He is so solid! I'm excited to be able to watch him grow and become more and more converted! We were also able to teach a really great family named the "Barnetts." They have a ton of great potential to progress, so we are really excited for them! They are what Elder Packer would call, "Seekers". =) Elder Packer's visit was amazing! We learned a ton and the Spirit was very strong! Sister Packer was actually, fairly equal with him! She was just as amazing and spiritual as he was! Thanksgiving went really well! We had about 4 meal appointments and had a bunch of turkey! =) but other than that..this was kind've a fairly average week! Not too much to report on. It was kind've hard to get up with a bunch of our investigators this week because they are in the Army and were out of town for thanksgiving break. Well..i love y'all and i hope y'all are doing well! Take care!
Elder Johnson

Kris' Baptism!

Etch a' Sketch Skills

Messing around on an old gun

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