Monday, November 8, 2010


Why is it November already!?..crazy..This has been a great week! We've been teaching Kris in a member's home and he has progressed tremendously! Kris is engaged to a member who told him that she would like to be sealed in the temple one Kris told her that he wasn't going to do anything that he didn't know to be true, so he decided to investigate the church. While deployed in Afghanastan, Kris had a pretty tragic event that pretty much eliminated his faith in God. While he was a group leader, he had decided to go into town one day by himself, but 3 other soldiers in his group wanted to go with him. At first he was hesitant to allow them, but then he decided it would be okay. Before they left, he prayed for safety and protection. On the way into town, they were hit by a bomb and Kris was the only one who survived. I can only imagine how much pain and confusion that must have caused him. However, y'all should see him now! He's reading the Book of Mormon..infact..he made it through 2 Nephi and is well into Jacob!! He had a great experience the other night when he was the first time he had prayed since the event. He prayed to know if the Book of Mormon was true..and it brought him to tears. Then he decided to go watch some TV..and the next 3 shows he saw, all involved Mormon families in them! So he knew that this wasn't just by chance anymore. He has accepted the invitation to be baptized on November 27th! =) It truly has been so much fun watching him progress! He had a great time at church yesterday and he's going to be at church in Utah this Sunday to see his fiance's brother's farewell talk! I truly do feel a sincere love for Kris and i'm really excited for him!
We were also blessed with another tender mercy of the Lord when a man named Michael, whom noone had ever seen before, just randomly showed up for Sacrament meeting yesterday! He said that he was at a point where he knew that he needed God in his life and he was looking for a church. This church "just so happened" to be really close to his house, so he decided to come to this one! We have a return appointment with him on Tuesday! =)
Well..i hope everything is going great for y'all! I love/miss y'all!
Elder Johnson

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