Monday, November 22, 2010


Hey y'all! How's everyone doing? This has been an interesting week! Soo..we had a miracle, disguised as a tragedy this week..haha. Soo..Kris' fiance...dumped him this week..right after he got back from his trip out to Utah to see her..Yeah..pretty lame. He doesn't even fully understand why, yet. So we were pretty crushed for him..however..inspite of that happening..Kris is still solid as a rock for his baptism this Saturday!! I am truly impressed at his faith and how much he has grown. It is definitely very apparent now that Kris has been investigating and reading the Book of Mormon for the right reasons!! So yeah..i'm definitely cheering him on right now! He's come so far, and he'll make a great member! But honestly..what i think was the entire reason for his progression was just because he is reading the Book of Mormon..(he's in Alma 16 already!!) and the fact that we are teaching him in a member's home where the Spirit is just SO strong everytime we go over there!! Brother Coleman is still doing fantastic!! We had dinner and a lesson with him on Saturday and invited him to live the Word of Wisdom! Later on Saturday night, we got a phone call from a man named Scott Wallis, whom had been talking to a friend about the church and he called us wanting to set up a time when we can come together and meet with him! Then on Sunday..a lady whom i had never met before came up to us and told us that she had just got stationed here in Fort Bragg about a month ago, and that her 11 year old daughter had not been baptized. Then her daughter came up to us and asked us, "what do i have to do to get baptized!?" it was so cute! =) So we will be meeting with them this week and helping them out with that! The Lord is continuing to bless us with miracles, and i am loving it! I am so grateful for it too, because it really feels like we didn't do anything to obtain these blessings! Also, last night i was priveleged to be able to meet with all of the other zone leaders, the assistants, President and Sister Cotterell, and Elder Alan F. Packer (Pres. Packer's son) and his wife! We had a counsel meeting where we discussed the needs of the mission. The Spirit was so strong there and i learned a lot from it all! That is one thing that i definitely love about being a zone leader, is the opporotunity that i have to be amongst the bretheren of the mission and being able to feel the spirit, knowing that i am surrounded by such great missionaries! Elder Packer is here for our mission tour, which we will be having tomorrow. Well..i love y'all and miss y'all and i hope you are doing well!
Love, Elder Johnson

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