Thursday, November 18, 2010

From the Field

The following email came from a sister in the area where Elder Johnson is serving right now:

Dear Missionary Moms,

We had your sons over for dinner tonight, it was delightful. You should be very proud of them! They are doing really well, and seemed happy. We had a non member friend (who is in the military as well) over for dinner. I was impressed by how your sons were both able to articulate, and share their testimonies of the gospel. And the spirit that they brought, and shared with us was amazing. I also was impressed by how they were able to engage/include my husband into the conversation. They asked him questions that promoted him to share how the gospel was an aid in his life, especially during his recent deployment. This was a common ground for our non member friend to relate to. But more so a great setting (with the missionaries) to hear my husbands testimony and how it correlated with being in the military. Which im not sure had been shared before with his friend. Not only did we feed your sons, but they blessed our lives just by having them over for dinner. Thank you for raising and supporting such fine men. We sure enjoyed them.
the T family

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